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Cuba is now one of the world leaders in biofertilisers, with a highly impressive production of organic food. This agricultural approach has breathed new life into rural communities and done a great deal to stem rural migration to urban areas. It is the envy of international organizations promoting organic farming and sustainable development. Cuban farmers and researchers are applying traditional and alternative technologies to food production and forging ahead towards their ultimate goal of total sustainability.

Another area in which an innovative approach has been applied is that of urban agriculture. Havana is the largest city in the Caribbean, housing 20% of Cuba’s population. Food shortages and the lack of fuel for distribution had a catastrophic effect on the city in the early nineties so the establishment of private gardens, state-owned research gardens and popular gardens employing around 25,000 urban farmers has been of inestimable value in maintaining the capital’s food supplies. The popular gardens range in size from a few square metres to large plots of land which are cultivated by individuals or community groups. They yield important food supplies to local communities in addition to the medicinal plants prescribed for all manner of ailments by local yerberos. more>>

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